Travel in Italy: Faenza the town of Ceramics

Faenza is my town and I am very fond of it. Founded by the Romans on the Via Emilia, it is now worldwide famous for its ceramics (faiences) and its important International Museum of Ceramics (MIC)

Not far from the hills, only 35 km from Ravenna, the last capital of the Roman empire, 50 km from Bologna, it passed gracefully though the ages and it is now a lively town with lots to do and to see.
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You will always find something interesting to do or visit.
And if you want to remain for some days, I suggest you to stay in our fully equipped studio.

In June do not miss the local Palio, with the gorgeous and lively Renaissance costume, the challenges among flag-throwers and drummers, festivals and bacchanals and the twofold "singolar tenzone" in which the knights face each other up in the Saracen joust. Have a look at the video here!

In Summer, to keep the atmosphere even more lively, I open my house and kitchen to friends and guests alike, to cook together to great food of this region, to dine together and enjoy the Italian memorable life style, while sipping a glass of good wine on my terrace.

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During the day, I organise a guided tour of the town and the surroundings, or cooking lessons, so that the recipes you see on the blog are made even more simple and easy.

The tours are guided by a licensed guide - a dear friend of mine - who, with great passion, will show you around the town and will explain the history and the works of art hidden in this pleasant town.

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