Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Figs with prosciutto

September is here!

Figs are at their best, so I would like to suggest you a different way to enjoy a great Italian classic food - prosciutto and figs, in a slightly different recipe.

I think it is a great appetiser and they always have a great success. thE crispy warm salty prosciutto, the  sweet fig and the creamy filling are a great treat!.
Do not miss the chance to try them while the figs are still available!

Ingredients for 4

8 figs
8 thin slices of Italian prosciutto
8 tea spoons of goat ricotta (or fresh goat cheese)

How to

1) Peel the figs and make a cross cut on top, without cutting them all the way though.

2) Gently put some cheese inside the fig.

3) Wrap each fig in a slice of prosciutto - greasy side on top and put it in a heat safe tray

4) Heat the grill at 220°C - and grill the figs for 2-3 minutes. You will smell the prosciutto while it crisps and see a little smoke. Do not over cook them!

5) Serve immediately with a glass of dry Franciacorta.

TIP: if you want to prepare them in advance, prepare them and - before cooking - refrigerate in an air tight container up to 6 hours before.

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