Sunday, 14 June 2015

Light Bavarian yogurt cream

I know this is not exactly the original recipe, but this cream is so delicious, fresh and so easy and quick to make that I could not help sharing this recipe with all of you.

You can use many Summer fruit to garnish, peaches for example will be great, but I prefer mixed wild berries or strawberries, even frozen, and warmed up with come sugar to create a syrup which will melt the cream. A good strawberry jam will be great to garnish.
Also, you can give a special taste to the cream by using flavoured yogurt  instead of the plain one I suggest, to match the finishing touch of fresh fruits... Choose it well, it must have a natural taste...

Ingredients for 6 small molds

250 ml plain white yogurt (even low fat)
250 ml sweetened whipped cream (250 ml of cream+ 3 spoons sugar...)
3 slices gelatin
250 grs. mixed berries (fresh of frozen)
2 spoons milk
3 spoons sugar for the berries

Soak the gelatin in cold water  for about 15 minutes or until very soft.


Prepare your whipped cream, if not ready, by mixing the cream with the sugar until very soft and fluffy; keep it refrigerated.

Squeeze the gelatin very well and put it in a very small pan with the milk. Gently    warm it until the gelatin is completely dissolved into the milk.

Quickly mix the gelatin with the yogurt, incorporate the whipped cream.

 Gently pour the cream into the small moulds or in a medium pudding mold.
In this picture you see the silicone ones, but I suggest   to use metal/aluminium ones instead, because I find   easier to remove the cream from the mold.

Refrigerate for at least 3 hours or, better, overnight.

Before serving, prepare the sauce by putting the fruit, still frozen, in a small sauce-  pan with the sugar and , if needed , a few tablespoons of water . Cook it just a few minutes and then turn off the heat . 

Turn out the moulds onto a serving plate or small dessert dishes. If the cream does not goes out, put the bottom of the mould in a pan with warm water for about 30 seconds.

Serve the cream accompanying it with the fruit sauce.

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  1. Delicious.. as it looks. This is really a unique idea to experiment with yogurt and cream to make a yummy dessert. This is the reason that people love to have Italian food with Italian food restaurant around the globe. I am definitely going to try this... Thanks for sharing.