Friday, 18 September 2015

Shrimp and ricotta appetiser

The other day I was looking for inspiration; someone, I suppose my husband, suggested me to make this appetiser. 
I clearly remembered this recipe was the first one I wrote down for a dear friend of mine, who asked me to share some of my easy recipes, but  actually I had to double check the quantities on her book as I did not remember the proportions. With much surprise I see now that I wrote lots of recipes about which I had totally forgotten, and I will be nice to make a selection and translate them for you now and then, so we all can make it again and again!  
I suggest to freeze them, and you will have a fantastic made ahead appetiser ready for your elegant dinners  or for a quick snack!

Ingredients for 4

300 grs/0.77 lb ricotta (use the real white one, made of the remaining of the cheese making)
300 grs (+12 to decorate)  shrimps (cleaned - not shell, no vein) (fresh or frozen) in total about a pound.
Half a cup chopped parsley/or mixed fresh herb - I used wild fennel this time.
5-6 Peppercorns
Salt and pepper

1)    Prepare the water for the shrimps: add the parsley stems, some peppercorns and some salt. Gently boil the shrimps in that hot water for few minutes, drain them, discard the vegetables and let them cool down. 

    2)    Set 12 of them aside, you will use them to decorate your dish.
   Process the most of them in the food processor or, better cut them until they become just like a powder.
   3)    Mix ricotta with a pinch of salt, some freshly ground pepper and add the chopped parsley and the chopped shrimps and stir well.

  4)    Cover your small moulds with some cling film and divide the mix into four parts. No film is needed if you use silicone moulds. Freeze them, even only for one or two hours, it will be easier to take them out from the moulds.

   5)    If you make them in advance, take them off the moulds and remove the film, set in the dishes and refrigerate.
   Before serving decorate with fresh parsley and the whole shrimps and fresh ground pepper.

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