Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Stuffed salmon

I am particularly fond of this recipe, because … well there is  really very little to do, is nice to see and is great food for everybody.
This dish has the “wow” effect that any cook would like to receive: the orange-pink colour of the cooked salmon nicely contrasts with the deep green of the leeks.
You can bring it to table in a nice serving dish and cut a slice for each one.
Please let me know if you enjoyed it as well!

 Ingredients for 4/6 people

2 x 450 grs /2 x 1 lb steaks of fresh salmon (back bone and skin removed)
2 leeks
2 stalks of celery with their leaves
100 grs / 3.5 oz  peeled pistachoes (if possible the unsalted ones)
Grains of pink pepper
2 slices of bread loaf, crust removed
Some parsley
Salt and pepper
2 spoons vegetable oil

Pre-heat your oven 180°/ 350F

Wash the leeks and gently remove the outer green leaves to obtain long stripes then boil them for 4 minutes in hot water.

Drain them in a colander and set them aside.
Wash and drain the other vegetables.

Cut the white part of the leeks into thin slices and cook them with 2 spoons of vegetable oil and a couple of spoons of water for 4-5 minutes until soft.

In a food processor,  roughly cut the celery with the leaves, the parsley, the bread, the pink pepper and the pistachoes.
Add the mixture to the cooked leeks and a small pinch of salt.

Pass a hand on both sides of your salmon pieces and remove any fishbone or scale. Remove the skin if necessary.

Yes the loughing girl half hidden is my daughter, making fun of me!
Line your baking dish with parchment paper, put the first piece of salmon on it (the part of the fish which originally had the skin on the bottom), lightly season with a little salt and pepper, put the stuffing on the fish and cover with the other piece of fish. Also in this case keep the part where the skin was outside.
Put the stripes of boiled green leeks on the fish and close them under it; brush some oil on the leeks and put the baking dish it in the pre-heated oven 180° C  350 °F for 25 minutes.

Take it out from the oven and let it rest for 5 minutes and put it on a serving dish.
Cut into slices and serve

Serve with steamed potatoes or boiled vegetables.

Wine: I would say a cold Chardonnay. But please feel free to suggest any other wine.

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