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Here you are a fantastic Italian classic! The pictures are not as good as the dessert, but try the recipe and send me your images!

This dessert is very easy and fast to make, but you need the right ingredients: make sure you find very fresh mascarpone and possibly the spongy original “savoiardi” (ladyfingers)

Where I live, we make it also withou the biscuits : we simply call it mascarpone and garnish the cream with dark chocolate chunks… very very rich!!!!You can use this recipe to fill panettone at Christmas!


4 very fresh eggs
150 grs. Sugar
250 grs.fresh mascarpone cheese
125 heavy whipping cream
2 packs Italian ladyfingers (savoiardi)
50 grs. dark chocolate chunks
½ cup cold espresso – slightly sweet
1 tblsp. cocoa powder for dusting

How to:

Prepare your container or single portions cups: dispose the first layer of ladyfinger in the container and, with a cooking brush, put a little bit of coffee on the biscuits. You will not need much. Set aside.  

You can make 1 container or cups/glasses with one portion only.

1) Separate the yorks from the whites and whip half of the whites until they form stiff peaks. Refrigerate it.
2) Whip the cream until soft peaks form, (careful not to over whip it or butter will form!!!);. refigerate it.
3) Combine egg yolks with the sugar until it is perfectly dissolved; you should obtain a thick, soft pale yellow cream.

4) Add the mascarpone to the cream and mix slowly with a fork. When fully dissolved, add the whipped cream, mix again and then, very gently, add the whipped white eggs mixing from low to high to obtain a soft cream.

5) With a sac a poche or a spoon pour half of the cream on the biscuits. Put the chocolate chunks on it.

6) Make an other layer with more ladyfingers, wet them with coffee and pour the cream.

7) Refrigerate for at least 4 hours  or overnight to allow to settle and dust with cocoa powder before serving (to distribute it evenly use a strainer).

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