Thursday, 8 May 2014

Tomato confit

The name sounds French, but I think that there are few other foods that taste so Mediterranean.
They will be great on your bruschetta and a fantastic appetiser or as a side dish to grilled meat!!!

Not quite a recipe as you can add your preferred herbs, just some suggestions on how to prepare them.


Ripe Tomatoes (the quality you like best, I use cherry tomatoes because they cook faster, but you can use any kind of tomatoes)

Extra virgin olive oil
Your preferred herbs dry or fresh. I like dried thyme and marjoram, but also dry basil is great. 

How to:

1) Wash the tomatoes and remove the stem. Cut them in a half. Put them in a colander so they can loose part of their water. Also, you can remove the seeds, if you want.

2) Warm your convection oven at 130°C / 200 °F.

3) Line a baking tin with non stick paper and put the halved tomatoes on it, the cut part up.

4) Season your tomatoes with salt, sugar, the herbs and extra virgin oil.

5) Put the baking tin in the oven and let the tomatoes  dry for about 2 hours. You can open the door many times, it will help to let the steam get out the oven, and check any time you like, they must be soft but dry.

6) Take out from the oven, let them cool down  and remove from the baking tin with a spoon. Try to take also that delicious, aromatic oil on the bottom and put it with the tomatoes in a bowl.

Eat warm or cold.

TIP:They also keep well in the fridge, simple put them in an air tight container and cover with more fresh extra virgin olive oil. When the tomatoes are finished, the oil will be great to season your pasta or meat. Try them with mozzarella as well... Absolutely delicious!

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