Sunday, 6 October 2013

Spaghetti carbonara

Is there anything more tender than your family sleeping on the sofa in a lazy, dark raining Sunday afternoon?. We were just back from an exhibition of outdoor furniture this afternoon and after have searched for a place where to buy some milk to make a hot cup of chocolate, we could find nothing open.
We decided that a nice cup of  hot tea with cookies  would help not to starve untill dinner time.

Two cups of tea and many biscuits later this was  the picture on my sofa....

Yes we have a cat, one of the most demanding cats of the universe, but in his way so lovely and sometimes even cuddly... (sometimes I said!)

Anyway, it is nearly dinner time (8 p.m. in Italy) and my family is hungry.

Spaghetti carbonara

Very simple recipe for tonight, an Italian classic which will be OK after a nice fresh salad of lettuce and dried tomatoes (just cut the salad into pieces and the dried tomatoes into stripes, few black olives, then season with little salt and extra virgin olive oil)

Ingredients for 4

350 gr Spaghetti
150 gr guanciale or pancetta or bacon (if you like the smoke taste) cut into small cubes
3 eggs
100 gr pecorino romano, grated (or 50% pecorino, 50% parmesan cheese)
Black pepper

How to:

1) Prepare all the ingredients and put the pan with the water on the stove and bring it to the boil.

2) Put the pancetta (yes the pieces could be smaller, but didn't I say lazy Sunday?)  in a non stick frying pan and leave it on the fire until the greasy part becomes 
transparent and slightly crispy. Take out of fire and let it cool.

3) In a large bowl beat the eggs with black pepper and add the grated pecorino.  Mix well and add the pancetta

4) Salt the water (5 grs/liter) and cook the spaghetti al dente (follow the instruction of the packaging).

5) When ready, drain the pasta and put is straight in the bown and mix well.

6) Serve immediately in pre-heated dishes with a little bit more cheese and pepper if you like it.

The original recipe does not include cream , which is not necessary because the eggs should not be cooked but just warmed by the pasta. 

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