Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Let's begin!!!

October is my favourite month, because although all of us miss Summer laziness, the first raining, cooler days are those dedicated to new projects, old friends and new wishes.
These days have the same inspiring taste of the new year eve, with new ideas to create  and have the same effect on my creativity.
October will be a very busy month for me with two major events: the farmers market in Casola Valsenio for two week-ends and Halloween.

Well, Halloween is not exactly an Italian tradition but recently it has reached a large popularity, above all among children.
So, as any creative mother, I used to have a special kid party for my daughter with all her school friends, and now that she has grown up, I decided that I still like to dress up as a witch and have my girl friends for dinner. Special guest my husband – only man - who helps in the kitchen and with the decoration.
The menu is always different, and so will be the table decoration.
As a working mum with heavy working schedule, I have to organize everything well in advance, so here is my first recipe.


Ingredients x 4

800 grs/ about 2 lbs  loin of pork in 1 piece
100 grs smoked pancetta or bacon cut into small cubes
½ onion cut into thick pieces
1 spring rosmary (20-25 cm long)
2 tb spoons vegetable oil
4 apples pealed corked and cut into slices
White wine if necessary

How to:

1)     Season the meat with salt and peper on all the sides.
2)     Pre-heat the oven at 180°C/
3)     In a pan with think bottom which could be put in the oven slightly cook the onion until golden with the rosmary, add the loin and brown it on all sides without drilling.
4)     Add half of the apples and the pancetta and let it brown for few minutes.
5)     Take the rosmary off, add the remaining apples cover with a lid and put in the pre-heated oven
6)     After 45/50 minutes take the kid off and verify the level of the liquid, if there is none ad some white wine, usually it makes about 3 inches liquid, which will be enough (in this case no wine needed).
7)     Cook for 30-40 minutes uncovered and take it off the oven, cover with a lid and let it to rest for 10-15 minutes before serving.
8)     Cut into slices about 1 cm (1/2 inch) thick and serve with the cooked apples and the meat juice.

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